Do you know which creamy, delicious beverage was once introduced as a medicine? (We’ll give you a hint: Oh, Yoohoo!) If you’ve guessed chocolate milk instead of mistaking that intro for salutations, then you’re on the right track - today is National Chocolate Milk Day! This staple beverage has been around since the 1680s, presented to us straight from the creative mind of Sir Hans Sloane. As he worked as a physician in Jamaica, he came across a local concoction of cocoa and water. While he wasn’t a fan of the flavor, he experimented with the drink until he found a way to mix the cocoa with milk. He took his creation back to England several years later, where it was first introduced as a medicine. From a business standpoint, appreciating your clients is a medicine of sorts. Keep healthy standings with your client by showing a little gratitude with our Chocolate Golf Balls!