pet healthImagine suffering from aches and pains, left all alone to deal with your troubles. With hectic schedules and ever changing lives, sometimes it’s easy to pay a little less attention to our fur babies. When we aren’t careful, we leave them susceptible to health woes. To keep this from happening so often, The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) uses the month of September to raise awareness about pet pain management. From acute pain, like healing after surgery or issues with bones and tendons, to chronic pain from old age, our pets hurt just like we do. If you notice your pet moving slower or showing signs of discomfort, consider pain medications, physical rehabilitation, or acupuncture. Become your pet’s eyes and ears! Be sure that you know your clients well enough to do the same for them as well. Gain some insight by thanking them for their efforts with our Yellowstone Gift Box!