Today, we say raise those noodle-heavy forks high in the sky – it’s National Spaghetti Day, folks! A fan favorite across the globe for centuries, there is literally no limit to the many ways to enjoy this thin, stringy pasta. Created using semolina flour, the Italians and Sicilians have shown us that the sauce works in perfect tandem with spaghetti to seal the deal and deliver the meal’s true star quality. From hearty meat and robust tomato, to creamy Alfredo and flavorful Carbonara sauces, when topped with freshly grated Parmesan or Pecorino Romano, your soul will sing with every bite. As you marvel at how well the flavors blend together, there is a lesson to be learned. Take a moment to consider your business and your clients. Are your current client appreciation tactics well received, met with gratitude and positive results? Consider saying thanks with Le Petit Café Scone Gift Box!