In a perfect world everyone would buy delicious treats from us at Lucia &Co. wink, wink, but it’s not a perfect world and we’re not delirious. We know some of the simplest things in life bring the greatest joy and baking is one of those things, but did you know baking is actually great for your mental health!? It’s true.

Shape Your Creativity

Baking gives you the freedom to go wild and use your creativity. Psychologists have found strong links between creative expression and overall well-being. So, decorate those cupcakes like your inner 7-year-old is begging for.

Knead Your Senses

Few activities trigger the senses like baking. Feeling the dough between your fingers, the sound of the mixer, and the intoxicating smell of fresh baked goods out of the oven all release feel good endorphins.

Measure Mindfully

Simple and repetitive tasks that hold your complete attention, such as weighing or measuring ingredients, beating eggs, or rolling dough creates calming and meditative qualities. Helping you relax and push negativity out of your mind.