With elixir-like qualities, seemingly able to warm the heart and soul simultaneously, the age-old classic hot toddy is festively perfect during the chilly winter months. You might even have pleasant childhood memories of being presented this unique beverage by your mother or grandmother on those tough sick days. Today is National Hot Toddy Day, and while we wouldn’t suggest having a sip of this soothing alcoholic concoction before work, we certainly won’t object to winding down with one afterwards! Simply add sweet, sticky honey, fresh lemon, a cinnamon stick, and some whiskey to a cup of hot water and relax as you watch the snow fall peacefully. As you enjoy each rejuvenating sip and relish in the moment, think about how thankful your favorite client would be to receive similarly heartwarming sentiments. Our Merci Beaucoup Gift Box will leave them smiling at the thought of you for years to come!