Today marks National Peach Melba Day, and like many noteworthy edible concoctions, the story of this creamy dessert is littered with interesting tidbits. As he worked diligently at the Savoy Hotel in London in 1892, French chef Auguste Escoffier decided to grace the menu with a new treat. His creative juices flowing, adding juicy peaches and sweet raspberry sauce to vanilla ice cream, he presented it to guests by way of an ice sculpture that showcased an impressive swan shape. First given the title “Peach Swan,” his delicious creation was later renamed after Nellie Melba - an Australian singer - to bear the name “Peach Melba.” As you enjoy your bowl of refreshingly fruity ice cream for dessert, take a moment to consider Escoffier’s initial presentation. Would his creation have been received as well if poorly executed? The same rings true for your client appreciation tactics. Saying ‘thank you’ with a well-thought-out plan and beautifully presented gift will work wonders, like The Classic Gift Box!