super bowl

Are you ready for the big game? Super Bowl LVII is this Sunday, February 12th. You know what that means: this weekend, everyone’s minds will be on football, beer, and the perfect appetizers to go with!

Whether you’re attending a party or hosting one, there’s no better way to spend Super Bowl Sunday than with friends, family, and fellow football aficionados. Gear up for the perfect party with these super snack ideas:


Nothing says “Super Bowl Party” like a great dip! Guacamole is a delicious and simple standby. Get avocados from your local farmer’s market for the freshest dip, and serve with corn chips. Buffalo Chicken Wings Carnivores will appreciate this meaty finger food… the messier, the better! Serve with blue cheese dressing for a cool way to calm the spice.

Spiced Popcorn

Everyone loves popcorn! Incorporate this snack into your party. Kick your plain popcorn up a notch by flavoring it with your favorite spices. Some popular choices include Cajun spices, chili lime, cinnamon sugar, and parmesan garlic… but feel free to get creative and try something new! Check out our Savory Popcorn Gift Box

Stuffed Mushrooms

Here’s another great snack where you can unleash your creativity: stuff mushrooms with whatever combination of cheese and meat you like best! For a sure-fire hit, stuff them with cream cheese, bacon, cheese, Worcestershire sauce, red pepper, and garlic.


No matter how you slice it, you have to have cheese! Whether cheddar on crackers, or mozzarella in spinach dip, cheese is the perfect party snack. Take your Super Bowl party to the next level with some winning snacks, and I guarantee your Super Bowl Sunday will be a touchdown!