Whether you prefer a red Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon, both showcasing bold flavors and capable of pairing perfectly with a juicy Porterhouse steak, or a white Riesling or Moscato, both available in sinfully sweet variations, the delectability of a glass of wine is undeniable. For thousands of years, in every part of the world, wine has been consumed as a sign of wellness and prosperity.

Every year on February 18th, wine lovers across the country celebrate National ‘Drink Wine’ Day. We encourage you to raise your glass in celebration of this wonderful holiday! Toast to all that you will accomplish and be sure to include a hard-working client as well. (Of course, we wouldn’t recommend that you attempt to mail a glass of wine!) Instead, how about sending sweet sentiments, along with a few gourmet sweet treats, their way? Show your appreciation by sending our Le Grand Encore Gift Box right to their doorstep.