cafe au lait

Prepare to celebrate an ode to a creamy twist on your cup o’ joe -- it’s National Café Au Lait Day! Meaning “coffee with milk” in French, this yummy coffee concoction takes after Spain’s “café con leche.” Whether dark coffee or espresso-based, the addition of steamed milk pairs beautifully for a smooth, invigorating finish. To celebrate, we say support a local small business and visit your favorite neighborhood coffee house or café. You can also try creating your own New Orleans-style rendition at home, adding some chicory to the recipe, and using scalded milk instead of milk that has been steamed. (Don’t forget to have a few fluffy beignets with powdered sugar on the side!) Just as coffee and milk work together to create a phenomenal beverage, remember that a little client appreciation works well for strengthening your business relationship. Our Big Coffee Gift Box will allow them to enjoy their own fresh café au lait, too!