Making a gift plan is a great way to reduce the stress of last-minute shopping and eliminate the possibility of settling for cheap, generic gifts. Holidays are a wonderful time to show your colleagues, clients, and employees how much you appreciate them—but how can you make sure that you give a high-quality, personalized gift every time? It’s all about planning.

How do you make a gift plan? Here are some important steps to gifting success:

Think of your gift plan like a business plan: outline your goals and draw up a roadmap that details how you will achieve those goals.

Choose holidays throughout the year when you would like to send gifts. These can include major holidays or important times of the year for your business.

Decide on your price range. Taking into consideration how many gifts you will send during the year, make sure you choose a price range that will fit with your yearly budget.

List your intended recipients, along with notes that will help you when shopping for gifts. What kinds of foods do they like? Do they prefer coffee or tea? What are their hobbies? This will help you to personalize each gift to their preferences.

Come up with several gift ideas ahead of time and write them next to the recipient’s name so that you’re never short on ideas.

Put reminders in your calendar that give you plenty of time to order gifts.

With a little planning, you’ll never again have to worry out about last-minute shopping trips. Instead, your gifting will be smooth and stress-free, and your recipients will appreciate their personalized gifts. With such an efficient method for gifting, your relationships will blossom, and your business will bloom!