grilled cheese

… You guessed it…, it’s a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Enjoy this great comfort food tomorrow as you celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day. It’s the perfect time to make some gooey, cheesy, buttery sandwiches for your friends and family. Whether grilled cheese reminds you of childhood or you’re in need of a quick meal, it’s great comfort food. Did you know the sandwich has been an American favorite for almost a century?

Bread and cheese cooked together is an ancient meal, but the modern version of the grilled cheese sandwich emerged in America in the 1920s. This is when both American cheese and sliced bread became easily available. By the Great Depression, the sandwich was a staple, and it was served to the troops during World War II. Originally, it was an open-faced sandwich and was called “Cheese Dream.”

Grilled cheese is universally loved partially because the salty, gooey sandwich can be made a million different ways. You can add pickles, mayo, bacon, or tomatoes, and pair it with a milkshake, salad, or classic cup of soup. Whatever your meal, a grilled cheese brings it all together. It goes especially well with the Coffeehouse Barista gift box. Enjoy!