happy customer

Appreciation is the currency that makes the world go ‘round and also makes the strongest connections in business. Think about it – when you feel that someone really appreciates you and values your business it makes you want to go back to that business, right? Now think about your customers and what each person represents to you. Your customers who stay right there with you are satisfied, and they not only come back and want more of your product or service - they represent you even more by word of mouth.

With all that in mind, it makes sense when marketing professionals say that spending money to keep your own customers happy can be up to 20 times more worthwhile than spending that cash on outreach for a new one. I’m passionate about what I do because I get to see the appreciation two-fold. From the customer who receives a freshly baked confection: happiness. From clients who purchase our gourmet hard-to-forget goodies for their clients who then come back and bring their friends - I get to see that success unfold! Talk to us here Lucia &Co. to find out how easy gifting can be!