Foster PetDid you know that May is Foster Pet Care Month? Nearly 7.6 million pets are placed in American shelters every year, making overcrowding an issue in many cases. Not only does pet foster care help with spacing problems, but it also allows pets to helpfully develop the habits they need once in their forever home. Here are a few reasons why this is so effective:

  • Helps pets recover from past traumatic experiences
  • Gives pets a chance to be themselves and express their real personalities
  • Allows pets who don’t deal well with shelters to leave the stressful conditions behind as they adjust to a nurturing environment

As we bring the month to an end, we encourage you to spread awareness for the remainder of the year. Encourage friends, family, and business associates to consider foster pet care. Don’t forget to remind clients how vital they are to your business with treasures like our Neapolitan Gift Box!