Rocky road ice cream

There's something about the combination of creamy chilled ice cream, fudgy chocolate chips, crunchy nuts, and fluffy marshmallows that is so ridiculously comforting! Of course, it wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t oblige in a bowlful of satisfying Rocky Road ice cream. While there are several various accounts surrounding the origin of this frozen treasure, one involves a man by the name of George Farren. He got the idea to blend a chocolate bar into his ice cream, creating the perfect comfort dessert during the Great Depression. (Hence the fitting name ‘rocky road.’) When it comes to appreciating your clients, is it something that you take the time to consider? Do you tend to miss out on great opportunities for showing gratitude? Perhaps you fall right in between with the occasional “thank you.” Either way, we’re here to help! Even if the process has been a ‘rocky road’ of sorts, the yummy treats found inside gifts like our Sequoia Gift Box are sure to entice!