Adopt a catThe American Humane Society has designated June as Adopt-A-Cat Month to help each homeless kitty find their forever home. Every June, thousands of kittens are born, making this month the peak of “kitten season.” Unfortunately, many of these adorable, innocent kitties end up in animal shelters. Many of these shelters are at full capacity, with millions of cats already occupying them nationwide. The pandemic has added to the issue, causing a lack of supplies, funding, and foot traffic. Consider lending a hand by turning your humble abode into the final dwelling that a beautiful kitten deserves. (If you have the time and resources, you could even adopt a pair or trio!) If you are unable to adopt, you can also contribute to their active “Feed the Hungry” campaign. As you appreciate the kitties, don't forget to appreciate your clients as well with gifts like our Siena’s Café Gift Box!