Today gives us a moment to celebrate the genius deliciousness behind many of America’s favorite confectioneries. Cocoa lovers rejoice as we celebrate National Fudge Day! Whether plain, creamy chocolate or paired with special flavors like maple nut or peanut butter, there’s no wrong way to enjoy this exquisite treat. Some people like adding nuts, like crunchy almonds or sweet cashews, while others prefer bits of other yummy candies like toffee. From Hershey bars and Snickers to Kit Kat’s and Reese’s, the vast selection of popular chocolate candies you spot on the shelves daily proves the versatility of this national treasure. As you enjoy a sweet favorite, remember that just as there are hundreds of ways to appreciate fudge, the same holds true for client appreciation. We’ve mastered this art, and with gifts like Le Petit Cafe Deux, we’re always here to help. Not sure where to begin? Give us a call!