Peaches and cream

Would it be fun if there was a day to celebrate juicy, perfectly ripened, sweet peaches paired with irresistibly smooth, sweet cream? Guess what – today is the day! It’s National Peaches ‘n’ Cream Day, the perfect way to celebrate the ending of summer solstice. Georgia, California, Florida, and South Carolina natives know that a juicy peach enjoyed right during peak season is simply undefeated. Of course, adding silky, chilled cream just enhances the deal! Whether a clingstone with hard to peel flesh, or freestone with easy separation, both variations are truly perfect. Celebrate today by visiting your local farmer’s market for some fresh peaches. As you enjoy a refreshing summertime treat, take a second to think about the well-being of your business. Do you show gratitude and build loyalty by appreciating your clients? Consider making your client retention “just peachy” by sending gifts like Le Petit Recipient Café Caramel right to their doorstep!