Apple Turnover

Any dessert that can be enjoyed in a fun-sized, personal serving deserves its flowers of course! A staple since the 17th century, small little hand pies affectionately known as turnovers are a filling, enticing way to relish over a sweet or savory pick-me-up. Made with a flaky, buttery pie crust, these little treasures are stuffed with flavorful meat or sweet fruit fillings and fried or baked to golden perfection. Bakeries and restaurants of all kinds continue to wow us with their variation of the turnover, each more innovative than the next. Today is National Apple Turnover Day and we say experiment with the possibilities! Include a hint of caramel for a toothsome combination that melds together oh so well. Have a few raisins instead for a unique, fruity adventure. Need assistance keeping your client turnover rate low with a flourishing retention rate to match? We’re here to help with gifts like Le Petit Recipient Caramel!