pecan pie

Today, we celebrate a sinfully sweet southern delicacy for National Pecan Pie Day! Right on time for those family backyard BBQs, pecan pie is a Southern staple that is truly decadent and delicious. Some bakers even include bourbon to spice things up a bit. Top its yummy sweetness off with a dollop of whipped cream or a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy the magical experience. While some say Louisiana was the first to experience the famous pie back in the early 1800s, others say it first appeared in a cookbook by the name of the Ladies Home Journal in 1897. The dessert didn’t reach its peak until the addition of sweet syrup around 1940. As you celebrate, remember that client appreciation will help your business reach its peak as well. Enroll them in our Coffee of the Month Club, where they’ll enjoy favorites like our Toasted Pecan Coffee!