creme brulee

Does the name Crema Catalana sound familiar to you? If not, we’ll give you a few hints… This creamy, rich custard is also known as Trinity Crème. Still confused? Here’s another tidbit! On top of this sweet dream, you’ll find a contrasting layer of caramelized sugar for a delightfully unexpected crunch. If you’ve finally guessed crème brulee, you are absolutely right! While this fascinating creation is typically served with flavors of vanilla, chocolate, citrus, or coffee, you’ll also find unique variations to tickle your taste buds like lavender, green tea, and liqueurs for a refreshingly spicy change. Today is National Crème Brulee Day, and as you scrape your ramekin clean, we encourage you to consider the delicious variations of this decadent dessert. No matter the approach, your client appreciation marketing should always bring about smiles. Allow us to assist with gifts like A Pastry Chef's Gift Box!