rum day

Nothing embodies the vacation vibe like relaxation on a white or black sand beach with a coconut-filled frozen beverage, plentifully made of rum and topped with a little umbrella. Holding the title of the 3rd most popular spirit in the country, rum is the perfect accompaniment to sweet, citrus flavored mixed drinks and refreshing summertime cocktails. As we enjoy rum while poolside or relishing in the ocean breeze, ironically its origin took place on the waterways as well. When West Indians produced sugar cane in the 1600s, molasses was created as a by-product once considered to be waste. Once distilled it became rum, even serving as a ration for British sailors and a trade commodity. As we celebrate National Rum Day, take a moment to consider your business. Are you making the most out of every opportunity to love-up your clients? If not, try starting today by sending our Surrender Experiment Gift Box!