Tomorrow, coffee connoisseurs across the globe will rejoice as we celebrate National Mocha Day and International Coffee Day! The namesake of Mocha in Yemen, the cocoa-flavored coffee bean is notably the star of the show. The luxuriously rich café mocha, also affectionately referred to as the ‘mochaccino,’ is our American version of the café latte. This aromatically alluring coffee beverage showcases a hint of espresso and creamy, steamed milk combined with luscious chocolate to seal the deal. Whether you prefer sweetened cocoa powder, some yummy chocolate syrup, or a hint of dark or milk chocolate, this refreshing delight is simply to die for. Celebrate National Mocha Day by supporting your favorite local coffee shop. Enjoy a freshly prepared café mocha topped with a cloud of whipped cream and some cinnamon dust to spice things up. Also, consider enrolling your favorite coffee lover in our Coffee of the Month Gift Club!