With its’ refreshing warmth, ambrosial presence, irresistible sweetness, and appealing presentation, combined with the anticipation from hearing its preparation, caffé mocha is indeed a pleasurable rollercoaster for all five senses. Coffee lovers all over the country will rejoice today for the annual celebration of National Mocha Day! Also referred to as the mochaccino, this marvelous beverage entices us its bold, yet practical mixture of three main ingredients: milk for creaminess, chocolate for enchantment, and espresso for invincibility. (Not exactly, but we sure do feel that way afterwards!) Named after Mocha, a town in Yemen, for their contribution, mocha is often enhanced by whipped cream, marshmallows, or cinnamon. (Now that’s whip appeal!) Celebrate this fun, yummy holiday with a hard-working client. You just might raise some eyebrows if you attempt to mail mochaccino. Instead, gift our Mon Amie Gift Box and become their reason for creating a taste of heaven right at home.