The divine perfection of the cupcake is truly undeniable! Amelia Simmons must have been a time traveler, because back in 1796, she could already see the success of such a toothsome creation. The recipe called for a cake to be prepared in a small cup and was printed in her American Cookery cookbook. In the olden days, these little delights were baked in heavy pottery cups. Today, pastry chefs continue to embrace the artform by sometimes using small ramekins or pottery-style dishes as they recreate heaven on earth. Tomorrow, we say enjoy a cupcake with a hint of vanilla for Vanilla Cupcake Day. Celebrate by beautifully decorating your own creations and sharing them. Make an event of it and invite a few friends over for a cupcake bake-off. Deliver some of your freshly baked goodies to a homeless shelter. How about appreciating your favorite vanilla cupcake baker with A Pastry Chef’s Dream?