Today is an ode to a beverage that truly embraces the feel of Fall. With its richly spiced seasoning, it delivers a comforting warmth to your stomach and your heart simultaneously. Relish over the satisfying result of a fruitful summer, the bright sun rays contributing to the birth of juicy, ripened apples. The hint of fruity deliciousness bursts through as it dances across your tastebuds. Today is National Apple Cider Day and we say try your best to achieve the full experience. If possible, support a local small business by visiting a farm or mill for some fresh cider. Of course, store brought brands will suffice as well, but nothing comes close to freshly and carefully prepared with a personal touch of love. Carry the celebration over to your business. Can you think of a deserving client who loves apples? Surprise them by sending our Denali Gift Box paired with Granny’s Apple Pie Tea!