Happy National Espresso Day! Coffee aficionados will rejoice as we embrace the brew with today’s antics. Back in the late 1800s, espresso was a fast-made coffee prepared only for the person placing the order. (After all, espresso means ‘quick in time’ in Italian.) This changed when Luigi Bezzera invented the first successful espresso machine in 1901. His new beverage became an aromatic treasure, placing a signature creamy foam on top of all that it touched. Now, we create espresso as a highly concentrated coffee shot used to enhance the best of cappuccinos, lattes, mocha, and macchiatos. We even use it to spruce up our desserts, pairing it gracefully with a lovingly prepared crème brulee or decadent cheesecake. Embrace this warming day of jubilee by supporting a local small coffeeshop. Try adding a different flavor to your latte to spice things up. Consider selflessly gifting someone deserving our Coffee of the Month Club.