Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beloved family! Prepare to enjoy a plentiful meal while surrounded by those you love the most. (For those who can’t get close to loved ones, thank goodness for Zoom!) Be sure to stick to forgiving wardrobe as you pile your plate(s) full of turkey, baked, roasted, or deep-fried to golden perfection, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mac and cheese. (Don’t forget the pumpkin pie!) We have been packing on the fixin’s since November of 1621 after the Pilgrims’ first successful corn harvest. Governor William Bradford invited Native American allies to rejoice, which must have been successful because the celebration lasted three days straight! Today as you express gratitude, be sure to let those around you know just how thankful you are for them as well. As a quick reminder, don’t forget we are 30 days away from Christmas! Our Siena’s Tea Gift Box is an amazing stocking stuffer!