The infamous fruitcake – you either love it or hate it! Lovingly made using chopped candied fruit, spices, nuts, and the occasional soaking in spirits, the fruitcake has been a long-standing staple of the holiday season. The abundance of sugar in the American Colonies during the 16th century, combined with the discovery of using sugar for fruit preservation, caused the popularity of the fruitcake to skyrocket. Here are a few fun fruitcake facts: Mail-order fruitcake started in America around 1913. Ever hear the phrase “nutty as a fruitcake?” That’s because in 1935, the fruitcakes produced in Southern bakeries were jam-packed with nuts. Some bakers even soaked their fruitcakes in brandy-soaked linens, convinced that the cakes were better with time. National Fruitcake Day arrives on the 27th, and what better way to celebrate than by investing in your brand? If you have a long-standing client relationship, continue to foster it by sending Le Petit Boulanger Gift Box!