Prepare to welcome the arrival of the shortest day of the year - Winter Solstice! This happens because the world sits tilted on its rotational axis, making us experience seasons. As Earth rotates around the sun, the hemisphere that is tilted away from the warmth experiences wintertime. Centuries ago, many different cultures celebrated this unique day to embrace renewal, the ousting of bad habits, releasing feelings of negativity, and encompassing new hope. Here are a couple examples: Alban Arthan: Celebrated by the Druids Means “Light of Winter” Oldest seasonal festival in history Saturnalia: Celebrated by Ancient Romans Started on Dec. 17 for 7 days Honored the god Saturn in a Mardi Gras fashion How about using the shortest day of the year for a long-term investment with a little client appreciation? Our Bon Nuit Gift Box is sure to win them over!