Sick of hearing those same tired Christmas jingles? Exhausted by the sight of excessive displays of red and green nonsense? If you are a hater of the holidays, then we have arrived at the perfect day for you to express your sentiments judgement free – Festivus – for the Rest of Us! The comical hijinks of this quicky holiday began in 1997 with the airing of a Seinfeld episode entitled “The Strike.” The creative genius of writer Dan O’Keefe then presented us with a plain aluminum pole in place of a Christmas tree, a very untraditional meal of meatloaf, the hilarious “Airing of Grievances,” and the unforgettable “Feats of Strength,” laughably pinning the head of household. After all, Festivus is a lot easier to celebrate! Re-gift your family members and reference Seinfeld at every turn. Present someone special with a little light and laughter by sending a few Festivus facts and our Mon Petit Cheri Gift Box!