Business planning this time of year can often feel like a numbers game—budgets, percentages, and other fiscal planning. But there are other things that business owners should be thinking about as they plan for the new year. Here are some things to take stock of at the beginning of the year:


How do your employees communicate? Is there clear communication between management, employees, and clients? Miscommunication can be a major issue in any company, which can lower morale and hinder business. Decide which channels of communication need to be opened more and how everyone can clearly connect towards the same goals.


Recognizing areas that need improvement early in the year can take care of many problems down the road. Hiring and training the right employee can be a long process, so thinking about staffing needs early will get your company off on the right foot this year. If there are any training needs that are lacking, now’s the time to start thinking about how to give your employees the resources they need.


Without strong management, any team of employees is bound to fall apart. But being a strong leader requires not only an ability to direct others, but also compassion, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, a focus on high quality work, and an ability to motivate others. If any leadership is lacking, plan for how to improve this area of your company.


Many businesses rely on the right machinery, supplies, and equipment so that everything runs smoothly. It’s easy to forget to check on the equipment, but if things start to break down, it can slow down business and negatively affect your budget. Use this first quarter to determine if you need plan an investment into new equipment in the coming year.

Business owners who make New Year’s Resolutions to create the optimal environment are sure to find success in the new year. Remember, resolutions don’t all have to focus on the profit; there are so many aspects of running a business that affect how your year will go!