It’s that time of year again: days are short, nights are cold, the holidays are over, and you just can’t get out of those winter blues. Don’t worry: you’re not alone, and there are ways of brightening your day even in the middle of winter.

Get some sunshine

One of the main reasons people experience the winter blues is because they aren’t getting enough sunlight and Vitamin D, whether that’s because they’re staying inside to avoid the cold or because it’s been cloudy all winter. If the sun is out, open up the blinds and sit by the window. If you haven’t seen the sun in a month, then try an artificial light box meant to simulate the sun, and notice your mood start to brighten!

Eat happy foods

Certain foods can boost your mood. Maybe the best one is chocolate! Chocolate has a unique ability to relieve anxiety and promote positive feelings. Other great foods to eat this time of year are whole grains, turkey, eggs, and citrus fruits. They’ll give you the energy you need this winter.

Give back

Volunteering tends to increase during the holidays, but that’s not the only time of the year when volunteers are needed at soup kitchens, shelters, and other organizations. Volunteering to help others this time of year can create positive feelings and make you feel more satisfied with your life.


It’s hard to get out there and exercise this time of year, but if you can go on a brisk walk or get your blood pumping, you can release endorphins, which improve mental health and vitality. All of these suggestions have been scientifically proven to elevate moods and improve happiness during these cold and dreary winter months! Give them a try to start enjoying your January!