ice cream pie


What could be better than a bowl of creamy, satisfying frozen ice cream or a hearty slice of delicious pie, but a combination of the two, of course! Today is National Ice Cream Pie Day and we are thrilled about it! While the first notion came when dessert fanatics began putting a sinful scoop of ice cream on top of fruit filled pies, what better way to up the ante than turning the base into a creamy dream? The possibilities for enjoyment are literally limitless – have a fudgy chocolate crust topped with irresistible butter pecan. Indulge yourself over a slice with graham cracker crust topped with dulce de leche and a few nuts for an unforgettable treat time. Just as you have the ability to explore endless sweet scenarios with this frozen delicacy, the same rings true for client appreciation. Allow us to automate your gifting by enrolling them in our Coffee of the Month Club!