Coffee DayIf we told you that the world once rejected one of its now most prized commodities, would you believe it? Since its humble beginnings in the 15th century Yemen, coffee has maintained a tight hold on our stomachs and our hearts. Shortly after, coffee made its way to Venice, but not without scrutiny. People were suspicious of the mysterious elixir-like properties, even giving it the title “The Bitter Invention of Satan!” In 1615, the clergy deemed coffee a “no no” until Pope Clement VIII tasted it and put an end to the nonsense. From there, Venice opened Europe’s first coffeehouse in 1645. Over 100 years later, America followed suit by swapping tea for coffee after the Boston Tea Party. The rest has been history! Today for National Coffee Day, celebrate with a piping hot cup of joe. While you’re at it, ensure that your favorite client starts each morning off right with our Coffeehouse Duet Gift Box!