For humans and pets alike, the month of August is National Immunization Awareness Month! Of course, we want our fur babies to live long, healthy, and fruitful lives right alongside us. Whether your puppy likes to roam the great outdoors or prefers to stay indoors to keep watch, vaccines are important for his or her health. Because harmful diseases are often airborne, your precious pet could become sick even in a seemingly innocent social setting. Since dog parks, pet grooming salons, and kennels can all be a cesspool of bacteria, vaccinating your proud pooch or frisky feline could save you both a world of hurt in the future. Remember that our pets are like little people, and because they are unable to care for themselves, we must lovingly pick up the slack. Remind your pet loving clients to schedule annual checkups – send Katie’s Gift Box, Encore to “checkup” on them and refresh good standings!