This week we’re diving into who’s hot and who’s not in the 2018 foodie world. No, we’re not discussing Guy Fieri’s red carpet trends, we’re talking about must try or must die dishes in the coming year.


Must Try

It should be no surprise that this year you will see increasing popularity in fresh and healthy cuisine. What’s the new year’s predicted #1? Lettuce chicken wraps! Many health savvy home cooks are also opting for souping over juicing and this trend will only increase in popularity over the next year.


Must Die

Here’s a couple trends we hope die a horrible death in 2018. Our first pick, hand salads… how dipping single lettuce leaves into dressing became a trend we don’t know, but we hope it goes away. Fruit on pizza is our number 2 no-no. Somehow pineapple became a norm and we overlooked it, now all of a sudden people are throwing any fruit they can find on their favourite pies and it needs to stop.


What to consider?

Asian is HUGE and if you haven’t tried Ramen, Bibimbap, or Poke you’re not living in 2018, just make sure you save room for dessert!