We all have the innate ability to distinguish between the gifts we love and the gifts we hate, unless, we’re picking them for someone else. Office gifting etiquette can be tricky, but throw one ill-conceived Valentine’s Day gift into the mix and you could find yourself in the middle of a workplace drama.


No-no #1

The Mass-produced Monsters. We understand your busy and yes, it’s hard to find time between work and kids, but if you’re going to dedicate to buying a gift, dedicate yourself to thinking about it too. Nothing says “Meh, I was busy” like mass-produced gifts.


No-no #2

The Naughty Nelly. Every office knows one frisky employee who might take a gifting opportunity to make a lewd joke. Don’t, this is still a workplace and though your friends may love it your boss won’t.  


If you remember just one thing and one thing only about office gifting etiquette, remember this. The quickest way to the heart (or possibly a promotion) is through the stomach.