Let’s start off by saying we promote drinking responsibly and being safe, but we’ve all crossed the line where fun should have stopped two drinks ago. The next morning we wake up clumsily trying to piece our night back together and grateful for coffee.


(We feel sorry for those of you who ran out of coffee before your night out because we’ve been there before and we made sure that we would never run out of coffee again.)


Why do we lose our memory after a few drinks?


Recent studies show that alcohol interferes with three main parts of our bodies the liver, heart, and brain. In our brain, the consumption of alcohol disrupts our hippocampus and blocks our ability to create new long-term memories, as consumption increases so do your chances of forgetting the events of your evening.


Heavy drinkers be warned, this could lead to some negative long-term effects, where casual drinkers may only suffer from temporary “night before” memory loss. Either way, next time someone asks why they forgot their night you have a quick answer!