Yes, once again it’s almost Parents’ Day, the one day a year besides Christmas we almost go broke shopping for the perfect gift and why? When was the last time your parents spent days jumping from mall to mall looking for that must have gift of the year, spent more than they probably should have on your birthday, or went out of their way to shuttle you and your friends around?

Why on earth would you spend time thinking about your parents? Maybe because most of us have a heart and realize the wonderful things our parents have done for us over the years. The sacrifices they have made to make sure we were happy and successful in everything we wanted to achieve.

Parents’ Day is about saying thank you in your own special way, and this year we’re trying to help you out with free shipping on our Les Enfant Gift Box. Of course you could also write a heartfelt note or take them out for dinner, but there is something about cookies that just melt people’s hearts.