Labor Day symbolizes the last annual holiday we get to enjoy in the summer sun. Maybe you’ve planned a vacation, a last hurrah to go out with a bang. Maybe you would rather stay at home and relax with friends and family, we at Lucia & Co. have chosen the latter. How will we spend our Labor Day? We have three ideas for you.


  1. Pamper Yourself – Just because you’re not paying big bucks to get lost in some romantic French villa, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself. Have a ‘me’ day (or an ’us’ day if you want to include your partner and/or kids) watch movies, lounge by the pool, and sneak yourself some Macarons before dinner! Let go of the day-to-day stress, it will be right where you left it on Tuesday.


  1.  BBQ/Pool Party – Is there anything more fun than getting your friends and family together, throwing your favorite tunes on, and firing up the grill one last time before the sun sags into autumn?


  1. Plan a Field Trip – You’re never too old to plan a field trip! Visit a local museum, the zoo, or take a tour of your favorite craft brewery or vineyard.


 Is it a coincidence that we gave you 3 ideas for a 3 day weekend?