We would bet that everyone you know drinks coffee in one form or another. Maybe a hot cup of joe in the morning or an iced coffee with friends, but what we know about coffee and how we drink it is changing, why?


Millennials are changing the coffee industry and opting for the ‘experience’ rather than value. As the social media obsessed Millennials become the majority population, coffee has become more of a representation of beliefs than a simple treat in the comfort of their own homes.


Pair this with the growing popularity of cold canned and bottled coffees built for fast-paced lifestyles, (and as alternative to sugary soft drink) coffee retailers are creating new ways to get coffee drinkers back in the doors.   


Cue cold brew and nitro coffee. Nitro coffee is poured from a beer tap (much like a Guinness) and creates a creamy texture that relies less on sugar and cream than its hot predecessor. Cold brew on the other hand is extracted by soaking coffee beans in water (for over 12 hours) to get the natural flavors and oils.


This shift in coffee shows that ‘experience’ is king and specialty coffees are on the rise in 2017, so grab your selfie stick and get some shots of you and your favorite cup of coffee!