Seattle wants you to stop sucking, yes you! Plastic straws are the new taboo and Seattle is trying to be the first state to go straw-free in September. As Americans we use over 500 million plastic straws daily and much of this disposal is ending up in our oceans harming the wildlife.


With an impressive start so far, Seattle has managed to gain the support of the entire city including their professional sports teams and restauranteurs to back this cause.


But, how will I drink my Iced Tea? Get Creative, tap your inner child! Remember the licorice straws you made as a kid, well now you have a reason to do it as an adult. Don’t forget paper straws are still a thing too and they’re much friendlier to the environment.


For us at Lucia & Co. we decided to get back to our roots and go straight coffee/tea drinking style. Bypass the straw and pour your favourite blend of coffee into the biggest mug you own and tilt it to your lips for instant satisfaction.