research thesis outline example Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but people are eating insects. Not being forced to eat insects by older siblings or taking up a $10 dollar bet to swallow a cricket at a party, we’re talking honest to goodness alternatives to beef, chicken, and pork!  


phd thesis malaysia Call us stuck in the 90’s, but you won’t see any chocolate covered bugs on our menu anytime soon. That being said, there are some incredibly fascinating benefits to eating insects! We’re the minority when it comes to not eating bugs, 80% of the world’s population live on Entomophagy (the correct term for human use of insects as food).

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  • It is up to 20 times more efficient to raise insect protein than beef.
  • Insects may be the food of the future, as scientists are researching their potential as a space food crop
  • It could be an actual solution to world hunger. Insects are a great, inexpensive, green source of the protein desperately needed by starving peoples. If we can help create a market and funding for it.

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