1. Le Petit Sac with Tea
  2. Georgia Peach Iced Tea
  3. cafe-noir
    $4.75 - $9.50
    Our Boldest! Dark and earthy, this coffee comes from Indonesia. Cafe Noir is great in an espresso machine or in a French Press and is perfect to knock back the grogginess of the necessary early morning start. The 2 oz. bag makes one big pot 10-12 cups. A half pound makes 4 big pots of happiness!
    Learn More
  4. Snickerdoodle
    $5.50 - $10.75
    Remember those delicious snickerdoodle cookies you loved as a kid? Learn More
  5. Pail of Cookies
    Send warm wishes with this fun cookie gift! Learn More
  6. Triple Choc Brownie Trio
    You can’t just have one, so we give you three. Rich and delicious these are always sure to please. Learn More
  7. CheesecakeBrownie
    With smooth cream cheese swirled into rich chocolate, these creamy, marbled brownies are truly divine. Learn More
  8. mint truffle
    The refreshing and invigorating experience of mint comes carefully enveloped in bittersweet dark chocolate and kissed with a green heart to create a very special truffle. These beautiful truffles are perfect alone and a la carte or a wonderful addition to any gift box. (6 pieces) Learn More
  9. ganache truffle
    Beautiful, dark and bittersweet milk chocolate is on the outside, while a luxurious dark chocolate ganache awaits you inside. Smooth, creamy, and delicious, these truffles will make your heart sing! (6 pieces) Learn More
  10. capuccino truffle
    The best of both worlds one bite at a time: gourmet coffee and high end chocolate all come together in our beloved Cappuccino Truffle that celebrates these two loves. Learn More