One of the questions I frequently get about corporate gifting is, “what are some good times to give client gifts,” particularly when my clients have missed the Christmas/New Year’s window. If that’s you, don’t fret- there are plenty of other opportunities for you to consider.

For some businesses, a mass gift send once per year is just not realistic. If that’s the case for you, another option is to send a for the clients birthday or on the anniversary of when they started doing business with you. If however, you like the idea of mass client gifting but either missed Christmas or don’t want to be like everyone else, I’ve got a really fun idea for you. Ever heard of Christmas in June? Gifting mid-year is a great opportunity to show your clients you’re unique and different and catch them off guard. Another option is to maybe consider Thanksgiving gifting.After all, it’s a great time to show your clients that you’re grateful for their business.

I hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful. Happy gifting!