Time to dine like the elite – its National Escargot Day! Literally the French word for snail, escargot is a popular fine dining delicacy. The dish consists of cooked land snails and is often served as an appetizer at French restaurants. While many love the acquired taste, others squirm at the thought of eating these tiny, slithery treats! Chefs carefully prepare the snack by removing the shells and creating a flavorful sauce made of butter, plenty of garlic, and wine. Once soft and tender, the tiny snails go back in their shells for quite the presentation while serving. They are also a great source of protein. While the U.S. often classifies escargot as exotic dining, many other cultures around the world have been enjoying the dish for decades. When it comes to your business, do you love appreciating your clients or often dread the thought? Either way, we’re here to help with treats like our Yellowstone Gift Box!