All hail the macaroon - toasted, shredded coconut lovingly whisked inside a mixture of flour, sweetened condensed milk, egg whites, and enhancing flavorings resulting in the perfect, scrumptious little delights!

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Hate It or Love It

24 May, 22

Time to dine like the elite – its National Escargot Day! Literally the French word for snail, escargot is a popular fine dining delicacy. The dish consists of cooked land snails and is often served as an appetizer at French restaurants.

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Rescue Me!

28 Apr, 22

As children, we often thought of our superheroes as the famous, brazen characters who graced our big screens. We cheered as Batman rushed through Gotham City in the Batmobile. We cried when Superman was overcome by kryptonite. We rejoiced as Spiderman entangled villain after villain with his web shots

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While thousands of precious lives have been saved by child-resistant packaging and poison control awareness campaigns, the dedicated veterinarians at the Pet Poison Helpline continue to work for the effective prevention of avoidable fatalities for our beloved animal companions.

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A Beautiful Mistake

03 Aug, 21

Quite a few of our culinary favorites were born in the aftermath of a beautifully executed accident and the chocolate chip cookie is no different! When Ruth Graves Wakefield ran out of baker’s chocolate, she opted for semi-sweet chocolate in her soft, chewy creations.

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Like many of the best innovations, the chocolate chip cookie was a lucky mistake.  These delicious home-baked delights were invented in 1938 by American Chefs Ruth Graves Wakefield and Sue Brides at the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. The story goes that Chef Ruth was baking her classic Chocolate Butter Drop Do cookies when she ran out of baker’s chocolate.  Busy in the kitchen, she had to find a replacement quickly, so she grabbed a block of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate and chopped it into small chunks. She expected the pieces to melt into the cookie, but instead, they held their shape and softened into a moist, gooey melt.  Yum. Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day August 4th and share that "just out of the oven" magic with your favorite people with our Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box featuring a Gourmet Cookie Gift Tower of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Giving a gift can make you feel vulnerable.  You are making a choice. What will bring this person joy?  What if they don’t like it?  What if they already have several of them?

When you show appreciation, you can make a moment, a day, or even change a life. Although there are several factors that go into a successful gift campaign, if your gift comes from the heart, the lucky recipient will feel it and will feel more recognized, valued, and important to you.

Once you have decided to show someone you care with a gift, contact us! We’re here to help you make it unique with a full range of hand-curated  Gift Boxes.

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Times are tough.  Everyone is focused on every penny they are spending. Will this investment help me grow my business?  Reduce my costs?  Differentiate me from my competition?  One thing is for sure.  Without customers, you don’t have a business.  As a result, is an investment in showing your customers that you value them a discretionary spend?  We don’t think so. We think expressing gratitude is essential.

We’ve been at this for a while. Helping our clients show appreciation to their clients.  Our business is growing, because, even in this uncertain time, our clients’ businesses are thriving.  If you have worked with us, you know that we obsess over every detail. The quality of our ingredients. The innovation in our recipes.  The beauty of our packaging. What we do is a reflection on you. And we take that responsibility seriously.  If you haven’t worked with us, now is a great time to give us a try.  It is a wise investment that will pay dividends in the months and years to come.

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We’re heading into National Caffeine Awareness month, which provides a creative opportunity for you to show appreciation for your clients!
It can be challenging to aim for a gift on your client’s birthday – not only is there a limited window to send it, but there is also pressure to send the right gift. If you want to make a fun, thoughtful impression without the stress, consider sending your client a bundle of chocolate or coffee, with a clever card to match.
National Caffeine Awareness month could also be a great way for you to acknowledge your team. Surprise them with coffee before a morning meeting to express your gratitude. Alternatively, consider a membership to our Coffee of the Month club for a new taste of rich, gourmet coffee that’s delivered to your office every month.
Whatever you choose, you’ve got an entire month to succeed!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’d like to chime in with my thoughts on gifting for this special occasion. 


Ditch the heart-shaped box of chocolates and teddy bears from the local drug store. If you really want to knock it out of the park for that special person in your life, I suggest a more thoughtful approach.


Instead of a random, unmarked assortment of chocolates- which could go terribly wrong if your significant other has any allergies- how about selecting some of his or her favorite type of chocolate or another favorite treat? Here are a few chef-crafted options.


Then perhaps you could pair their favorite treat with a book they’ve been wanting to read or another small item you know they’ve been wanting. Think about it? Would they rather get something that’ll go up on a shelf and collect dust, or something they’ve been wanting that shows you have been listening?


And hey, if it’s really important to you to keep an element of tradition, you can always select some festive wrapping to put your personalized gifts in.  


If you’re gifting for a client, colleague or prospect, consider sending the gift before or intentionally late with a smart message on your card.


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