Macaroon DayAll hail the macaroon - toasted, shredded coconut lovingly whisked inside a mixture of flour, sweetened condensed milk, egg whites, and enhancing flavorings resulting in the perfect, scrumptious little delights! Whether dipped in white, milk, or dark chocolate, laden with surprising remnants of cashews, almonds, or pecans, the macaroon is simply to die for. Today is National Macaroon Day, and if you aren't familiar with these satisfying goodies, we recommend you have a few before the day ends! Support a small business and visit your favorite local bakery for a few on your way home. (Not to be confused with the macaron sandwich cookie, we certainly thank the Italians for blessing us with each delicately crunchy morsel!) As nutty and fudgy antics enhance each little cookie, take a second to think about what you can do to enhance your business. Client appreciation is an amazing way to ensure longevity for your professional relationships – get started today by sending our Amaretti Gift Box!