Vegetables – you either hate them or love them! Whether you pile them on the plate by the mounds, or sigh as you eat the bare minimum, it is impossible to deny the overwhelming health benefits of these powerhouses. 

Vitamin A. Provitamins. Vitamin B. Dietary minerals. Vitamin K. 

Each carefully prepared bite contains many of the nutrients we need to survive. Today is National Eat All Your Veggies Day. We encourage you to participate by including your favorite veggie in all meals if possible! Love crunchy spinach? Throw some in your fluffy eggs for breakfast, your salad for lunch, and a yummy quiche for dinner. Oftentimes we forget to be attentive to important matters. Our health, as well as our relationships with family, friends, and business associates, all need consistency. Can you think of someone who deserves to know how much you appreciate them? How about sending our Coffeehouse Gift Box their way?