Strawberry Sundae

With so many stories surrounding its origin, the famous ice cream sundae is as mysterious as it is delicious! While Ithaca, New York stakes its claim as the first to enjoy this frozen delight, Two Rivers, Wisconsin has a creation story all its own as well! Ithaca’s tale begins at Platt & Colt Pharmacy in the year of 1892, where Chester Platt innovatively served ice cream covered with bright red cherry syrup and a dainty candied cherry on top. Two Rivers’ tale suggests that Edward Berners was the first sundae maker, cleverly coming up with a chocolate syrup covered version that could be served on Sunday instead of forbidden ice cream soda in 1881. No matter who was the first to serve up the fun, we are certainly grateful for its creation today as we celebrate National Strawberry Sundae Day. Be the first to thank your clients for all that they do with our Coffeehouse Friends Gift Box!